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How to play Geometry Dash?

Now you can play Geometry Dash Online for free in Minigames, the classic of mobile devices, now in your browser, so you can play Geometry Dash on PC or mobile! Find the limits of your patience and test your skills - how far will you be able to go without dying in the attempt?

How to play Geometry Dash?
En Geometry Dash Online you will have all the power with a single click, no need to download Geometry Dash or Geometry Dash apk, all online. You will control a square character that is driven relentlessly through a scenario in the style of classic platform games. On your way will appear a multitude of obstacles, falls, jumps and traps that you will have to jump at the right time to be able to continue your race to the goal. Synchronization and rhythm will be the key in this adventure.

Before starting each game you will be able to choose which character you are going to play with, choose from more than 40 designs!

How to win in Geometry Dash?
Did you crash at the very beginning? Don't worry, your character will die many times before you can pass a level. A small scoreboard will keep track of the number of attempts it took you to reach the goal of each level. The key to everything will be to manage your frustration, be patient and constant. Tell us in the comments how many times you died before you could finish each level.

Minigames tip to win Geometry Dash: Don't turn off the sound, the music will help you by setting the rhythm and you will better sense the precise moment to make the jumps.

How to create a level in Geometry Dash?
Players can create levels of varying lengths, uploading them for anyone to play. These levels are classified in five according to their length:

  • Tiny: with a length of less than 10''.
  • Short: from 10 to 29'' in length.
  • Medium: from 30'' to less than one minute long.
  • Long: from 1 minute to 1:59 minutes long.
  • XL: more than two minutes long.

Each level created has a unique ID and is ideally sorted into folders. You can also create up to 80,000 different objects and edit their functionality or movement. Levels with less than 100 objects created will be deleted.

Who created Geometry Dash?
The original game was the brainchild of Swedish developer Robert Topala, known within the Geometry Dash world as RobTop. It was later developed by the independent company RobTop Games and saw the light of day in 2013 for mobile devices. A year later it was also published on the digital distribution platform Steam. Its development lasted four months and was originally called The Impossible Game. According to RobTop the game is inspired by titles such as: Super Mario Bros, Bit.Trip, Super meat Boy, Flappy Bird or Clash Royale.

Arm yourself with patience, choose your character and try to pass all the levels in as few attempts as possible.

Other versions of Geometry Dash in Minigames
If you want to try other scenarios and complications of the game you can try without downloading: Geometry Dash Subzero, Geometry Dash Lite, Geometry Jump, The 2.1 version, Neon World or Geometry Dash 2.

Geometry Dash can be also found in these platforms:

  • JUMP

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