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There is no doubt that we live in a fast world, and we cannot let our guard down at any time. Sometimes, calculating the waiting times for trains or knowing the shortest route to work can get us out of a hurry. That's why it's important that your brain is always active and well trained. With skill games, you'll test your reflexes, your patience and your ability to stay ahead of the game. If everything goes well, you will overcome goals that seemed impossible before. Skill games focus on puzzles and levels, where you have to be observant and go beyond what you see. Skipping a second before or a second after can make the difference between living or dying. Not making a move now may mean you can't do it again later. You will have to make decisions and, in many cases, take risks and pray that everything goes well. In time, you will become a master at these games, and you will certainly have the skills of a ninja!