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How to play Subway Surfers?

Play Subway Surfers in Miniplay is now possible. The famous game that appears in TikTok videos has arrived to our website, have a great time with an exciting racing and action game that will allow you to skate on a hoverboard at full speed while running away from the police. Get ready to collect coins through the subway tunnels and get the highest score possible.

This endless runner will test your skills when it comes to avoiding obstacles and executing the tightest possible lane changes. A chasing enemy, coins, superpowers, additional items and obstacles make this game a really fun experience: don't miss it!

Avoid crashing into buses and other obstacles on busy city streets while being chased by law enforcement officers. Collect as many gold coins as you can to buy new hoverboards and keep an eye out for balloons that will transport you to a special bonus level - can you escape the cop before it's too late?

How to play Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers you'll play the role of a graffiti artist who runs away from a policeman on the subway tracks. To control our protagonist, you'll have to use the keyboard's arrow keys. Use "left" and "right" to avoid trains and obstacles. If you press "up" you will jump and pressing "down" you will roll to avoid low obstacles.

Your character has an ace up his sleeve, he has a "hoverboard" that will make you move faster and will give you an "extra life" if you crash. To use it, press the "Space" key. Along the way you will find boosters that will allow you to jump more, fly briefly or attract coins with a magnet. Finally, collect as many coins as you can, with them you'll be able to improve the abilities of our graffiti artist.

In case you opt for Subway Surfers APK, these same actions are controlled by simply moving your fingers over the touch screen. Don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity, because as the speed of the game increases, you'll need to pay more attention to avoid crashing into a subway, pole or obstacle.

Tricks to play Subway Surfers

Like many endless runners, the game Subway Surfers is procedurally generated infinitely. Thus, getting the highest score is synonymous with staying alive and running for as long as possible. One of the tricks you can use to achieve this goal in Subway Surfers for PC is to use a key when the "Game Over" screen appears.

You can get keys in Subway Surfers online for free in a simple way: when you die, agree to see an ad, this will allow you to continue the game. Alternatively, in Subway Surfers unblocked you can buy keys with real money.

Do you want tips to improve in Subway Surfers?

Expert Subway Surfers players advise playing with two fingers on the keyboard crosshead. Dedicate the right finger to the right button and tricks and the left finger to the left button. Use the rolling action to stop a jump in mid-air to control where you are going to land. Try to stay on top of the train roofs as long as you can. These are safer areas with fewer obstacles coming from the front. Activate your hoverboard when the race gets difficult and you see that you might crash. Do not waste the keys to extend any race, save them for your best performances. And above all, don't neglect the upgrades of your skills. Dedicate the money earned in each race to improve them.

Who created Subway Surfers?

Two video game development studios have created Subway Surfers over the years. Initially, Kiloo Games was in charge of its programming (2012-2020). Kiloo Games is known for games such as Hugo: Black Diamond Fever, Happy Tree Friends or Commodore 64.

As of 2020, the maintenance of the game has been delegated to SYBO Games. SYBO Games is a Danish company born in 2010. Since then, they have created games such as Powerflow, Cosmic Cab or Blades of Brim. Although they have only technically developed the game in recent years, they are the true owners of the intellectual property of Subway Surfers and its characters.

Other versions of Subway Surfers

You can play Subway Surfers on Minigames or on the official versions for Android (APK) and iOS (IPA). And some of the most played versions are: Subway Surfers 2, or some cities like Subway Surfers Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Chicago or New York.

Subway Surfers can be also found in these platforms:


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