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The best players and all the excitement of the sport await you in our football games! Whether you are a goalkeeper, defender or striker, in Miniplay you have the best free football games just a click away. Are you the next football cracker? Prove it with our soccer games for kids and don't miss a single training session. The World Cup, the league, all the cups, the cracks and teams are waiting for you in Miniplay soccer games.

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We know that you are many lovers of football, the sport that moves masses around the world. However, not everyone has the talent or skill to put on a pair of boots and take the field to play a game of football. That's why we present you our football games, where you can become aces of the ball without having to sacrifice a single afternoon to go out and train. Unlike football, you don't have to have your feet on the ball, but your hands on it, to click and type until you win the game. Sign up your favorite players, build teams, train them, take penalties if necessary, but your goal is to win the game, and you can't take it lightly. You will have to concentrate at your best, so that you don't lose a second of sight of your opponents, and defend your goal until the end. Are you one of those who prefer football games, or do you rather like penalty games? You've got them! Are you looking for online football games? Multiplayer football games? You've got them too! Messi, Cristiano, Pelé, Maradona, the all-time great cracks are waiting for you in the Miniplay soccer team. Ah! And we don't forget the goalkeepers... the best goalkeeping games are waiting for you. And since football has as many variations as tournaments, you will also find all the football tournament games in Miniplay: challenge your friends, improve your ball control, dribble, shoot... and goal! Choose from all our free football games: football match games, head football games, touch football games, indoor football games, children's football games, foul shooting games. Challenge your friends to see who's the top scorer, and find out who needs to keep training for the football match. Break time is over! Have you warmed up yet?