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Super Mario is one of the most beloved characters in video games of all time. And that's why a selection of the best Mario Bros. games could not be missing from Miniplay. A Mario fan? You're in the right place. Go ahead, go ahead! Who hasn't played Super Mario Bros. and who doesn't like Mario Bros. Miniplay? The classic of classics that you'll never tire of playing, versioned in a thousand ways so you can enjoy the adventures of Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and the friends and enemies of the most famous Minigame plumber. Classic console games are now just a click away, so what are you waiting for to remember the Mario Bros. games you fell in love with years ago? Some of our online Mario Bros games will take you and Mario to some of the funniest and most amazing locations. The 8-bit versions of the games that will take you back in time, and some versions of the adventures first played on the Nintendo64. Enjoy the free Mario Bros. games we have for you in Miniplay: the most played games are a safe bet, so don't forget to try Super Mario World Online, Super Mario Rush, Super Smash Flash and Super Mario Kart among many others. Rescue Princess Peach, collect coins and power ups, run to escape danger, jump over blocks, inspect screens and levels, beat Wario and avoid obstacles and get high on some of the best Mario fan-created games. Playing Mario Bros. for free has never been easier - just pick your favourite, hit Play and you'll be instantly on your way through the world of Mario. Mario Bros games are fun and addictive: an explosive mix of right-side scrolling (in classic stories), easy-to-use controls and fast, intuitive and simple learning make this character and his adventures one of the most beloved in the game world. In Miniplay you can play Mario Bros online and accompany him in fantastic adventures full of emotion, a journey through the history of video games now in Miniplay. Don't miss out on the adventures of other classic characters from video game history in our Pacman games, Sonic games, or Space Invaders games.