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The most exciting battles and war games are free and just a click away. Fight on land, sea and air to achieve your goals and defeat the enemy with these IO, RPG and many more style action games!

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Are you ready for the fight? The war games you'll find in Miniplay will allow you to lead an army, set strategies, go down to close combat and defeat your enemies by land, sea or air. You choose the conflict, the means, the strategy... but don't let the enemy defeat you! Be careful with your enemies, prevent them from getting stronger and stronger, and conquer new cities. War Miniplay are actually great games: set in many different stories and situations, world war games: world war I games, world war II games, 2d war games, and many more. War is sometimes a team affair. That's why, for you to be part of it or to lead it, military strategy games will allow you to be part of an army and to embark on a special mission. The best military games and the world of war are just a click away in Miniplay. In addition, with the soldier games you will be able to join an army formed by other players: yes! Multiplayer war games! Join in Miniplay and find the best collection of war games online. Don't let the enemy tanks get close to your base and defend your fleet in the warship games. If you are passionate about speed and air, don't miss the war plane games and fly that ultra-fast kaza. Defend your targets by flying through the sky and defeat your enemies from above. If you're more of a land-based player, tank games are for you. Don't let mud, vegetation, sun, rain or storm stop you from reaching your goals and pilot the most powerful war machines in Miniplay. Team up with your colleagues in the multiplayer war games you will find here. Set a strategy to defeat the enemies, and go for it! Some of our games are set in real conflicts and others are a fun mission where more than one will be surprised. Enter the story or immerse yourself in an imaginary world with its own laws and rules and let yourself be surprised. All the free war games are on Miniplay: Duel of Tanks, Military Squad, Battleboats.io, Metal Slug 3, Superfighters, Hex Empire, Shipo.io and many more! Choose the one you like best and enjoy the best battle games, war games and conflict games. Line up! Ready? Aim! Miniplay!