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How to play Super Mario All Stars?

Super Mario Bros (1985) was the first installment of a major saga in the history of video games. It presented a unique and very recognizable world and characters. And a very simple gameplay, while tremendously polished and fun.
Due to the great success of this installment, soon came an expansion: The Lost Levels (1986). This one, still repeating the basic scheme, added new levels and difficulty peaks. Not long after, a real sequel would arrive(Super Mario Bros 2), with important visual changes and two new main characters. Throughout the following two games, Super Mario Bros 3 (1988) and Super Mario World (1990), the saga would perfect and expand the formula.

These last two games stand out for the addition of colorful and cute costumes (frog, raccoon or tanuki) that grant temporary powers to the main character. These suits are obtained by finding the object in turn and provide the ability to turn into stone, hit, fly or breathe underwater.
Super Mario All-Stars brings together these five masterful installments in a single cartridge, being one of the most successful compilations of the 90s.

What makes Super Mario All Stars different?

Super mario 3d all-stars (or super mario all stars 3d) features several of the best platformers ever designed, keeping their fun-loving power intact despite the years.
The colorful Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants have become an icon of popular culture worldwide. And Mario and his brother Luigi have crossed borders to even star in blockbuster movies that have taken the box office by storm with their new film Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

In Mario 3d all stars every player has their favorite, but most enjoy all the installments. These can be completed in any order, although it is advisable to follow the marked numbering. One more proof of its resounding success is the fact that the saga has an infinite number of imitators. And that so many renowned games have imitated its formula during the last three decades. Although, of course, none like the original. Join now the Mario party all stars!

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Super Mario All-Stars is a new computer edition of the Super Mario video game collection that was developed in 1993! They have come back into fashion after the release of Super Mario Bros: The Movie. The game contains new versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Enjoy again one of the most classic video games!

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