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How to play Arsenal Online?

Take part in an exciting 2D action shooter game with Arsenal Online and get ready to test your aim as you live an incredibly explosive experience. This time you will have to take on the role of an experienced sniper and get ready to handle all sorts of powerful weapons such as assault rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and lots of other weapons!

You will be able to choose between different game modes in which you can participate alone or with friends from all over the world. In each mode, the objective will be completely different, but you will always have to stand out for your precision and for obtaining a high number of kills. Do your best to defend yourself from your dangerous enemies thanks to your incredible effort and resist a whole massacre.

What does Arsenal Online offer players?

  • Face more than 30 different objectives.
  • Choose between 2 mind-blowing game modes full of excitement.
  • Enjoy more than 200 weapons and accessories.
  • Exercise your amazing aim to become an expert sniper.
  • Control the time you have to complete your objective.

Who created Arsenal Online?
This game was developed by Wilkin Games.

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