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How to play

Since the advent of the .IO games many have tried to surpass the success of and if anyone has managed to get a little closer, it is Play this great title in Miniplay and look for rivals to face from our Multiplayer Games page.

Do you like snakes?

Play and drive a small snake or worm whose objective is to grow until it becomes the biggest on the map. To do this you will have to eat the pellets or particles that you will find scattered throughout the game area. You will also have to finish off other players' snakes and feed on their remains.

The higher you climb, the harder the fall. If your snake is killed, you will have to start from 0 and grow back slowly. If you manage to survive and become the biggest snake and be at the top of the server's ranking, be careful, the rest of the players will be eager to dethrone you and take your place.

How do you play

To destroy other players you will have to make them crash into the body of another snake. You can use a turbo to get in the way of another snake, or you can wrap your snake around another snake to limit its movements and force it to collide. Be careful and don't trust yourself if you have reached the top of the server's ranking. Even the smallest snake can kill the biggest one.

In you can find 4 types of entities:

  • Pellets: these are the basic particles your snake feeds on. They are scattered all over the map and increase the length of your snake by +1.
  • Illuminated Pellets - These are pellets that move of their own free will around the map and are difficult to catch. These pellets increase the length of your snake by +100.
  • Snakes: These are controlled by other players and vary in length. If you end up with one, it will turn into specks of light that you can feed on. Each speck of light increases the length of your snake by +11.
  • Snake Pellets: These are pellets that snakes release when they use the turbo to give themselves a boost on stage. Depending on the size of the snake that releases them, these pellets will increase the length of your snake by +1 to +40.

Customize your snake by choosing the color you like, or create it from 0 by choosing the color of each link.

Who created

The game was developed by Steve Howse for Lowtech Studios in 2016. It was released at the same time for PC, iOS and Android. At a time when was at the top and had created a new genre, was very well received and achieved great popularity in a very short time. That same year it was updated with team play, more snake colors, death counter, ping indicator and chat in all game rooms.

Go online, choose your snake and be the best on the server!

How to become the biggest snake in

The way to grow is by eating the little balls that are on the map, collecting the special orbs and surrounding other bigger snakes that we see on our screen.

How to play with friends? is a game that does not allow you to play with multiple players. There is an additional software, but as it is not an official game, it is not recommended.

How to win at

There are strategies that will help you win more easily. Besides surrounding other snakes, you can also attract attention or simply distract whoever is attacking you. It's practical, but we assure you that many have won this way.

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